Sunday, 24 October 2010

Who's financing murderous drug dealers?

In this map you can see an approximate snapshot of cocaine use in the world some years earlier. The colours represent very approximate percentage of cocaine users within the total grownup population. The numbers are based on UNODC statistics. There are several regions with underestimates, I am sure, like Brazil and France and more and more Western Africa. As the percentage of children in such countries as Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina is higher than in, said, the US and Germany, chances are that the rate in those countries is a bit higher. Still, I think the tendency is more or less as the UNODC shows.

Every year over 50000 people get murdered in Latin America because of the drug wars. Countless get maimed and handicapped for life. Although consumption in Latin America is increasing and it is increasing fast, the main drug users and definitely the most important financing agents of drug dealers are "normal people" in North America, Spain, Britain, the rest of Western Europe plus Australia.

Who is benefiting from the current policy on the "war on drugs"?

  • drug dealers everywhere
  • military everywhere
  • private companies supplying personnel and all kind of gadgets for said "war on drugs"
  • some politicians

A future government of Venezuela will have to do its homework for fighting the cocaine trafficking and trade within and across Venezuelan borders, but it also needs to be courageous enough to tell the main consuming countries that they have as much if not more responsibility for the devastating cocaine trade.

Lots of vested interests around the world are against an open and thorough debate aimed at finding solutions to this problem. We need to create consciousness at every level and basically tell people everywhere that demand promotes offer.

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