Friday, 8 October 2010

The miseries of a military "socialist" regime

So far I haven't seen any report in the Venezuelan state media about the Nobel Price for Peace for Chinese dissident Liu, who is currently in a Chinese prison. I wonder if the Venezuelan regime is asking the Chinese what it wants the Venezuelans to say.

I don't see anything on AVN and I don't see anything on VTV about the Nobel prize for peace. The only thing I see is an article about the Nobel prize for literature: Vargas llosa. AVN stated that Vargas Llosa "criticized Latin America and praised Europe".

The Venezuelan Chávez media agencies seem increasingly like a new version of Soviet Pravda with Fox News and a bit of banana republic colour.


  1. Are you comparing Fox news with soviet Pravda? Did you ever watched Fox news?
    To say such stupid thing, you must be really ignorant. It is like saying all latinos are communists.
    I was raised in communist Czechoslovakia,and the last 42 years I live in Canada. I watch Fox every day,so I can compare the two.You are complaining about Chavez media,but that is exactly what MSM in the USA is like.They all are in Obama camp,you can call them "Obama's pupets".They all are blatantly leftist. If you want to know what is really happening ,you tune to Fox news.
    Obama & Chavez both critize oposition media, and Fox news is Obama's favorite target.
    Ivan Mirka aka Redbiter Toronto,Canada

  2. Redbiter (red-embittered?),

    I would not say VTV is a mixture if they were the same. I am saying both of them are utterly rubbish and I know very well. Unlike you, I can actually compare between more than two or three.

    Yes, I have watched Fox News and I have been able to compare not just the Mlada Fronta of your childhood to Fox News and Pravda or Izvestija.

    Have you watched enough time the analysis carried out by ZDF and ARD (German) journalists? Dutch ones? Oh, forget it then.

    The brainwashing is not carried out at the same level, as US Americans and Canadians have more access to other media and there is the occasional "lefty" guest at Fox News but the level of "journalism" is very much AS LOW.

    You should watch TV less often, so you can start thinking for yourself...and when you do, try to learn another language.

    Where're those weapons of mass destruction? Did you find them already in Baghdad?

    I always disliked communism, but unlike you I was not just running blindly to what I thought was "the only Truth".

  3. Did I found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
    NO ! I did't know I was suppose to look for them.What a question !
    Next time let me know in advance ,it is too late now.Maybe in the future I can do that in Venezuela. LOL
    And dont't advertise your dislike for communism too much,you may get into trouble.Chaves doesn't like that kind of talk.In few years you will find out what real communism is like. Because you still don't know.Chavez keeps turning the screws faster.In few years Venezuela be another Cuba.Just as well,latinos have propensity for socialism.
    They say that people have a government they deserve,and Venezuelans deserve Chavez.You volted for him,and now you're stuck with him.He's El Presidente for life !
    Good luck Keplet,you will need it.

  4. Whatever. I voted for Chávez as much as you voted for Klement Gottwald.

    Have you really been living for 41+ years in an English speaking country?

    Anyway, I think you should return to your FOX News...every single day.

  5. Kepler,I was only few years old when K.Gottwald came to pover, So I could't possible had volted for him ! In 1948 the communists lost the elections, so they staged a coup,with the help of the soviet communists.
    Yes,Kepler I have been living in Canada since 1968 ! Do you have a problem with it? You don't like my english? Let me tell you something ! I did't speak any english when I came, I did't go to any school in Canada.I am selftaught and my vocabulary and spelling is better then lots of people who went to school here in Canada.
    And don't worry Kepler,unlike you I live in free country,and i can watch on TV whatever I want. I get around 300 channels.You're just jelous,because you have to watch speaches of your halfwit,mezcito, El presidente for life Chvaez on TV all the time.
    I would be miserable too. LOL Adios amigo Kepler !

  6. "I voted for Chávez as much as you voted for Klement Gottwald."
    You really don't understand irony.

    I did not vote for Chávez, I imagined your possible age and that is why I chose Gottwald. My mentioning of Mlada Fronta should have given you a clue, but you really cannot understand much, definitely nothing between lines.

    As for the amount of channels you can watch: you can watch 1000 channels for all I care. That obviously hasn't made you any wiser and definitely not very insightful.

    mezcito? Nerozumím. Never mind.


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