Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ideas for Venezuela: Khan Academy en español

The Khan Academy is a non-for-profit organisation initiated and maintained by US American Salman Khan. It offers thousands of education videos in such topics as mathematics, biology and economics.

We should have something like that for the Spanish speaking world. The government of Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and all the rest could contribute to produce Spanish videos for all those topics and more, to make them downloadable and to enable pupils and grownups to watch them in schools and public libraries all around the Spanish speaking world. The idea would also help us agree on common terminology in Spanish and to promote the discussion of more ideas for cooperation among the Spanish speaking countries and beyond.

I'm sending this idea to the Spanish government and to the EU as well as to all kinds of people in Venezuela. I am afraid the current Venezuelan regime would only use such an idea to promote its military caste, the PSUV party and more rewriting of history. You know: red-coloured site, no video without a link to the military president or the "glories" of the current government, which Chavismo sees as the eternal government of the "people". If you don't believe me about how the Chavez regime abuses of state resources to promote itself, take a look at the current site of the National Assembly.

So, I hope the Spanish-speaking community can develop a similar idea for all and independently from political schemes.

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