Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Ones In Power


This is a little mindmap representing some of the top guys around Hugo of Sabaneta, a few details about them and some relationships they have with some figures.

Vicente is too old to become too much of a public figure or a possible successor to Hugo, but he still pulls a lot of political and economic strings. Diosdado is, apart from Hugo, the most agressive, even if Aristóbulo is becoming more so. Aristóbulo seems like the "less unkosher" of them all (the one with less links to the wealthiest), as far as I know. He was an active politician of the IV Republic, though.

If you have more details, please, let me know, preferably with references.

Here the first update of the poll about when readers think Hugo will cease to be Venezuela's head of state. This is far from scientific and there may be readers who tip on what they think and others on what they want. Still, I think we can get something interesting out of this.

There were more readers answering this time.

In general:

  • there were more readers answering
  • the percentage of those who think Hugo will leave office after 2020 has increased meaningfully (8.5% to 23.1%)
  • the amount of people who think Hugo will stop being president of Venezuela this or next year has increased very lightly (21% to 24.6%)
  • last time there were 65 respondents (hopefully we will have more this month)
I am curious about how numbers will develop this month.
So, please, readers: when you are ready, just give your gut feeling about how long you think the Líder Supremo will be president of the country.

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