Saturday, 18 April 2009

Obama Derangement Syndrome

I just want to recommend this excellent article by The Economist on Obama Derangement Syndrome. It is not about Venezuela, but it does show a lot of what is going on in the heads of a minority in the United States (a country that is so present in Latin America). It is very interesting to read the comments as well.


  1. The comments are certainly interesting and in the style you see more than often and hear more than often on US TV. Three themes are coming back again and again:
    1)Obama is the big spender ... forgetting of course completely that for the last 8 years Mr. Bush went from a balanced budget to horrendous debts.
    2) Comparing Obama to Chavez and similair guys or calling Obama the ooohhh soooo dangerous Left .... forgetting that there are lots of different shades of Left and if you need to compare, than start with the Swedish or German Social Democrats
    3) Obamas leftist youth at University ... I guess quite a number of the readers have been in their youth rather far left, that moves with age ...
    But what about Bush's youth ? All forgotten?
    It is a little also as with Kerry and Clinton, foreign experience or knowledge is something bad , very bed indieed for quite a number of these Republicans ....

  2. Bridge,

    The funny thing is that quite some of those blokes call themselves Christian...and yet they keep discovering specks in other people's eyes without noticing the beams in theirs'.

    It is amazing how they call everything unknown to them "socialism" or communism.
    I was reading a history of the United States that helped me a bit to understand better how it all came to be like that in there.

    Anyway, I think we have interesting times ahead.


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