Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chavez takes over the regions where the opposition won

It is as simple as that: Chávez is taking over the regions where people voted for opposition governors and mayors. The latest is the new law approved by the Chavez Congress (a.k.a. National Assembly) creating a post that would completely circumvent the elected mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma. Furthermore, the little budget and the office of the elected mayor were taken over. He will need to work from home or find out how he can get some place to do the little jobs he can do (actually, his job is almost irrelevant now and his functions are being reduced by the week).

The office of Caracas' mayor had already lost the TV channel, hospitals and schools as well as hundreds of millions of dollars as soon as the results showed the opposition had won: all those things were transferred by "laws" to the central government.

The Chavez government also declared in the last weeks it is taken over control (and taxes) over harbours, airports and motorways and now over all kinds of roads "of strategic interest". The governors of the opposition are being left with little more than their offices and some minor cultural institutions. They will have problems paying soon a lot of bills. I got the news some of them have already declared the need to reduce the payroll as much as possible.

I wonder what Sarah Wagenknecht and other people from the European extreme left , all defending Chavez no matter what - have to say about this. All a complot of the all-powerful capitalist media? Sure.


Interesting article at The Economist. For extreme lefties out there: it doesn't hurt to read The Economist occasionally. One can read your newspapers and magazines as well as those of the centre, the centre-left, the liberals, the conservatives and others who reject to get pinned down to a simplistic label.

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