Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Chavez supporters and the swine flu-Rumsfeld connection

It is such a nice distraction for the semi-literate in Venezuela. While the Chavez government is illegally taking over hospitals, schools and other installations that were under the control of municipalities and states where the opposition won in the 11.2008 elections, while the Chavez government is trying to prosecute every single known opposition politician under charges of corruption, Chavez's supporters try to call attention to a new conspiracy theory.

According to the government's Radio Mundial (also to be seen in Chavez's fan site Aporrea), and "based on news from Colectivo Periodístico in California", the cause of the current swine flu pandemic is nothing else than the Pentagon.

They say former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld could earn a fortune now as he is co-owner of Gilead Sciences, Inc. a company that has the rights to produce "Tamiflu", a medicine that would cure the influenza. Well, according to Wikipedia (which refers to CNN), "Federal disclosure forms indicate that Rumsfeld owns between USD$5 million and USD$25 million in Gilead stock. The rise in Gilead's share prices from USD$35 to USD$57 per share will have added between USD$2.5 million to USD$15.5 million to Rumsfeld's net worth". From there to developing this new strand for earning some extra cash is a big shot.

What these conspiracy theorists have is a series of weak links, but they would never like to have a real discussion about their incredible statements. They just need a better smoke screen as now "Chavez quiere ser amigo de Obama". Chavez supporters are trying to divert from the fact that:

  • the Chavez regime reduced the percentage of money that goes to all states and municipalities (situado constitucional) and is now diverting extra money to the local regions and state institutions not controlled by the opposition (some pseudo-legal trick to financially suffocate the opposition)
  • the Chavez regime took over havens, airports, motorways and much more from the opposition states and with all that a huge chunk of taxes
  • Chávez took almost all power from elected mayor Ledezma (who got over 700000 votes) and named one of his most fundamentalist pawns, Jacqueline Faría, as "head of the Capital District"
  • Chávez officials are taking over more and more farmlands "in the name of reform" but only farmlands of people who do not support Chavez (the Chavez clan and several of the high "socialist revolutionaries" being big landowners themselves)
  • Chávez's government has taken over hospitals and schools that were managed by opposition governments (in several cases it prefers to let hospitals and other public services collapse than to let the opposition show it can manage them)
  • more and more students are being violently repressed by police forces

Expect in the coming months more land to be taken over by the Chavez regime. They firstly went for the bigger landowners (as long as they were not pro-Chavez), but they will go for the smaller ones now.

Expect more buildings and companies in the hand of Chavistas. Expect professional squatters to thrive more than they have done so far.

Expect more repression as the oil price drops make the crisis be felt in Venezuela.

And still European politicians like this person support Chávez.


  1. Hilarious.
    And the Bush family sells the blue masks, I guess. What a bunch of twats.

  2. But then: what about Dick Cheney? How is he profiting in all of this?

    We'll have to wait for further investigative work by Aporrea or Radio Mundial.

  3. Why are you surprised ????
    Remember the black cloud when El Commandante was in Cuba and got thick ? - sent by the CIA of course ......
    Remember the special Dengue mosquitos ? - very special breed and sent by the CIA of course ......
    ... or the chip in the blood of Tascon ?
    ... or the spy box from Direct TV ?

  4. I reckon we are some issues in Venezuela and we are not going to beat any time soon the US or even China in the number of patents, at least not patents recognized outside madhouses.

    I am sure a lot of high-rank Chavistas are wondering what to make of Obama now. Perhaps they will say he is hostage of the CIA

  5. I swear we're governed by retards.
    This just in: Mérida State declared itself in emergency and locked down, *even though there are NO cases of pig flu reported*.

  6. Very impressive Kepler. Your subconcious betrays you. Is this the best you can do?


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