Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ideas for the Venezuelan population


This is part of all the ideas for Venezuela.


The government should have a better knowledge about where people live. The address of everyone should be registered digitally. Every person wanting to move on a permanent basis should report that to the authorities. The authorities can do random controls or check the address by means of electricity bills or similar bills.


The current ID cards are a complete joke. They can be falsified fairly easily. The government needs to introduce electronic cards, but this should be a process planned a couple of years in advance.


The Venezuelan government should have a complete programme about immigration. It should declare how many citizens it plans to accept every year as immigrants. The government should be able to track always what employees have process the immigration process of immigrants. The Venezuelan citizenship should be awarded only if the immigrant has a good knowledge of Spanish and some basic knowledge about human rights and a general idea about the Venezuelan society. Tests such as done in Canada should be introduced.


Venezuelans should be able to get their national IDs at a Venezuelan embassy abroad if they are legally living in the country where that embassy is. If not, they should at least be able to vote by using their Venezuelan passport. Right now only Venezuelans with a national ID can vote. If you are a Venezuelan abroad, you are registered at the embassy but you lost your ID card, you are prevented from voting. Right now you can only get a national ID in Venezuela.

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