Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ideas for Management in Venezuela


This is part of all the ideas for Venezuela.

The correlation between governmental salaries and the average salary should be in the same ratio as in developed countries. It is not possible that government officials in Venezuela have the salaries European deputies have while the Venezuelan average employee earns so miserably.

Salaries of big politicians need to go down and their income must be better checked during their careers and after they have left their jobs. A Venezuelan priest has found out what deputies, ministers and other governmental officials earn. It is a real shame. Just one tiny example: every current deputy of the Venezuelan National Assembly earns around 192 million Bolivares a year (16 million a month) PLUS 10 months of salary at the end of the year. That is around 352 million Bolivares a year. A German deputy earns around 7009 euros a month or, in Bolivares, 259 million Bolivares a year. I will try to find out how many months of additional salary they get every year, but it is definitely less than 4 months. I will also try to find out what the average NETTO payment is in Venezuela. In Germany, deputies will give away half of their salaries in taxes. Is the salary of Venezuelan teachers compared to the salaries of deputies on the same scale as in Germany? Although it is understandable that deputies and other higher officials be payed more than the average, their salaries in Venezuela are completely out of proportion.

Neither the national nor the local governments should employ the money of Venezuelans in campaigns for themselves. Expensive billboards promoting any figure should be prohibited by law. No pictures of president or governors or mayors on billboards. Billboards announcing public works should be standardized.

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