Saturday, 29 July 2017

Cubans and Russians and the military in Venezuela

If there are two things I still find missing in the reports about Venezuela under the Chavista dictatoship are 1) the role that both Cuban and Russian secret services are playing in the land of Grace and 2) the way Maduro, like his predecessor, the caudillo Chavez, is trying to make the military take over the economy of Venezuela in the same way as it is done in Cuba

Let's face it: the day Venezuela's regime falls is the moment when the Cuban dictatorship starts to crumble as well. The moment Venezuela's regime falls is the time when Russians lose almost all of their clout in the American continent.

It is time for us to make these relations as transparent as possible, to discuss them publicly in Venezuela, to challenge time after time the role of these powers.

SEBIN, Chavista "intelligence" service: just a tool for narco generals and foreign powers
Here you can read an interesting article about how the average Cuban sees Venezuela. As for the average Russian, I can tell you: he is as badly informed. I will write a bit more about that in my next post.

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