Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Mood in Greater Valencia

Let's remember: the opposition needs to get as many votes as possible even if 1) the regime is going to cheat and 2) the regime will emasculate the new National Assembly. This is about showing the military they are only favouring an utterly corrupt, incompetent minority.

For the first time in more than a decade people in Northern Valencia - traditionally opposition area- but also in many places such as Los Guayos - formerly Chavista areas- do not seem to have heard any "toque de diana", the noise generated by radical Chavistas to wake up everyone on election day. The toque de diana was heard in parts of Caracas, though. There is talk Chavistas want to take their people to vote at the very end.They might probably want to "use" the vote of those who haven't gone to vote yet. How could they do that? Admittedly, it won't be possible as long as there are oppo witnesses in the rooms. That's the thing.

There are reports from Guacara that at 9:30, 3 and a half hours after official start, the voting hasn't taken place due to "Internet problems".

In another part of Guacara, opposition witnesses are not allowed to get to the voting centre, only PSUV members:

I will be updating this post.

To be continued...

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