Monday, 7 December 2015

Carabobo, provisional results

The map you see here is based on the preliminary results (at this very moment no longer accessible) for Carabobo according to the National Electoral Council. Things are bound to change. So far, about 58.61% of votes went to the opposition and 39.87% to Chavismo in this state.

I think we have to clarify something: traditionally people have had a very simplistic view of what urban versus rural is in Venezuela. The extreme case is those who see anything but Caracas as rural. There are others who consider urban Venezuela is made up of cities with a population higher than one million people or the like. In other countries there are also lots of definitions about what is rural or urban but generally, places with high population density and city-style land use are considered urban. 

Carabobo is one of the most densely populated areas of Venezuela. Most of what is not populated is to be found on the mountain range in the North and West, but there is also a fringe of thinly populated regions in the South and in the low mountains in the South-East.

The opposition won in almost all urban areas but for some shanty towns of Puerto Cabello in the Democracia parish and in semi-rural Borburata, where we have a very strong African American component. It still lost in the mostly rural Juan José Mora, including the very poor city of  Morón, which also has a relatively high percentage of people with black ancestors. It lost in the semi-rural areas of Diego Ibarra, in the shanty towns of Tacarigua and in the more rural areas of Libertador, Negro Primero (part of the Valencia Municipality but very thinly populated) and very rural Güigüe and Belén.

Most areas where there are shanty towns went to the opposition now, including most of Valencia's slums, those of very poor Los Guayos, where I went to school, rural areas of San Joaquín and rural areas of Guacara (and, of course, the city of Guacara).

Bear in mind there were still areas where we hardly had any witness...and they happen to be the areas where Chavismo scored the best.

Now let's take a moment to enjoy this tweet of military strongman Diosdado a little bit less strong:

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