Saturday, 17 October 2015

OK, I obviously got it wrong with you!

8 out of 18 persons answering to my last poll said the nationality they had when they were born was from one of the European countries I did not mention. One of the major European countries with strong links to Venezuela is Italy. Another one is the UK. Are you from there? From some other European country not mentioned in the list? I'd like to hear aobut you and where your interest for Venezuela comes from!


  1. I am one of your UK readers. It was randomly getting to know a Venezuelan through Facebook, of all things, that I started to learn a little about Venezuela. And what I learned caught my attention and I sought out a little more, hence your newsletters / website. She is very much in love with her country but very down about the state of the administration of the country. She has now emigrated to the US to continue her studies in safety. Venezuela sounds to me like a tragedy unfolding. A resource rich country ruined by an utterly corrupt administration, with the people ultimately slipping into direr poverty. I would not have learned any of this from UK media. Sadly the reality is that vested interests, from the corrupt government through to the other nations and the significant trade deficit, brought about by the collapse of the wider Venezuelan economy, are profiting from the situation. There is no will to stop the tragedy. The middle class can flee to other countries. The poor and working classes don't know any better as they receive crumbs off the table of the bloated corrupt officials. Other nations profit so have no current interest in stabilising the country.
    Serious crime has become the norm - muggings, armed robberies, murder and kidnappings. It is a disaster unknown to most of the world. Keep up your good work.

    1. Hi, Mark.Thanks for writing. It is quite comforting to see people of so many different countries and with so many different backgrounds interested in Venezuela. I get emails from readers all the time describing how they got hooked to Venezuela: perhaps they have friends in the country, they lived for a little bit or for a long time in Venezuela and fell in love with it, perhaps they identify with Venezuelans' suffering because they grew up in a dictatorship of some kind.

      And how do you see the chances of Chavismo-loving Corbyn getting into power in the UK?


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