Sunday, 18 January 2015

Venezuelans are not stupid BUT

Venezuelans are not stupid, but their leaders keep thinking Venezuelans are the most stupid people on Earth and all kinds of beliefs are linked to "their genes" or, somehow, inevitably attached to them.

Is that true? I do not think so. The facts are these: Venezuelans have a poor education level, even for Latin American standard and, what is worse, they have been grown up in an environment of very pernicious myths and habits.

And they don't realise that.

If we want to make a change, if we even want to have the opportunity to get power to make a change for good, we need to inform on a massive scale about how

1- Political parties in Venezuela have so far been just a platform for caudillismo but this does not need to be like that
2- Venezuela is not a rich country because of its natural resources: the wealth of every single nation is based on the average use of the brains of its citizens and it's up to Venezuelans to show how they use their neural hardware.

 There are several other topics we need to create awareness about, of course. Now: who is going to take up the challenge of starting the discussion, beginning the educational campaign?

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