Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Even as Venezuela is falling to pieces: what can we do to improve its chances?

Venezuela is falling apart and we and other bloggers have been documenting that for years now. The economic meltdown and the general social decomposition are progressing at a higher speed. And yet I ask myself: what can we do now to turn the direction towards progress?

A lot of people will say the country needs to touch rock bottom for things to improve. Even I have hinted at that on several occasions. 

Still, I think we can do better.

How is that possible when Venezuela is controlled by thugs armed to their teeth? How is it possible when the country has been left down by neighbours keen on preserving their commercial interests?

That's what we will be discussing in the coming weeks. Of course, there won't be a magic formula, a new, brilliant proposal. But there are a combination of actions we can take that can have positive consequences for Venezuela.

Let's start with the way Venezuela's opposition carries out propaganda under the current repressive conditions...are there better ways to inform the public?

To be continued...


  1. Samizdat seemed to work in the Soviet Union. The key is to get the message to semiliterate barrio denizens. This means it's better to use simple caricatures. For example, draw Maduro getting off the Cubana plane , followed by his relatives carrying goodies and bulging suitcases. One of the female relatives tells Cilia Flores "I hope Iris likes the Gucci bag I got her in Qatar".

    1. We need to educate the semi-illiterate. I do not think we need to stick to those messages you mention. We have done that already.


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