Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fish smuggling in Venezuela

The German newspaper Die Zeit has an interesting article with pictures Reuter's journalist Carlos García Rawlins took in Apure shwing how the smuggling of fish to neighboring Colombia takes place.

Think about how preposterous the idea of smuggling fish within neighbouring countries in Europe or even North America would be. In Venezuela it makes economic sense. That is consequence of the idiotic economic policies and general corruption as promoted by Chavismo.


  1. Some 10 years ago I was in Parmana, along the Orinoco, and noticed a freezer truck being filled with gorgeous fish. I asked the driver where will the fish be sent and he answered upper end restaurants in Bogota. Having lived in Maracay a good chunk of my life, for many years fishermen along Cata, Puerto Colombia, and surrounding areas were making more by selling barrels of gasoline to boats than fishing. Towards Paria drug running won out over fishing.

    1. It seems anyway we look at it, Venezuelans manage to screw it up and live in the most unsustainable way.


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