Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The military regime in Venezuela and beer for the People

I kid you not: the minister of Industry, David Cabello, just announced beer won't be taxed as it is the People's drink. This man is a former military and coup monger and he is the brother of Diosdado Cabello, another military and coup monger currently president of the National Assembly. They have several other family members in the government.

So: now Venezuelans will be able to buy more cheap beer.

Mind: A kilogram of tomatoes in tropical Venezuela costs now about 120 Bolivars. According to the official rate, the one used to calculate the minimum wage - for information purposes only as normal workers cannot buy euros at that rate -, that would be equivalent to €15.22 or more than 14 times the price for those tomatoes in Western Europe.  

If someone would sell euros in the black market in Venezuela, he could get the same amount of tomatoes for less than a dollar. In reality if you spent the minimum wage for one month in tomatoes, you could buy a total of 35.4 kilograms of tomatoes. 

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