Friday, 7 November 2014

Venezuela's military, November 2014

The Maduro regime has appointed Wilmer Barrientos ambassador to Canada. Wilmer Omar Barrientos was born 14 June of 1959. He went to the military academy and graduated in the same class as Hugo Chávez. 

Barrientos was active in the bloody coup of February 1992. He was one of the officers who took over the Paramacuay military base located north of Valencia. You can read more about that here (in Spanish).

Lucas Rincón Romero, another military, is Venezuela's current ambassador to Portugal. The ambassador to Russia, Juan Vicente Paredes Torrealba, is another military honcho. Molero Bellavía, former defence minister and one of the worst students of his class at the military academy, is ambassador in Brazil. Military man Alí Uzcátegui Duque is ambassador in Austria. Arévalo Méndez Romero, another man of the guns, is the ambassador in Chile. Hugo García Hernández is the one in Mexico. There are many more like that. Basically if you are a military and you got close to Chávez, you have chances of becoming an  ambassador even if or particularly if you are an idiot.

A large amount of Venezuelan diplomats at the embassy in the UK are military, not just the military attaché. 

Meanwhile, Venezuela is getting $72.8 for each oil barrel it exports. That's a drop of over 25 dollars per barrel compared to 2013.

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