Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Justice ministers in Venezuela and elsewhere: what are they made of?

In the tables below you can see the list of ministers for Interior and Justice of Brazil, Chile and Venezuela since late 1998, with their professions. For Venezuela I added a star sign next to the name of those who very openly fell out of love with Chavismo - i.e. had a very public quarrel with Chávez. Brazil has serious problems with violent crime but the situation is better than it was in the nineties. Chile has violent crime levels that are so low as to be the envy of all of Latin America. Venezuela, on the other hand, is one of the most dangerous countries on Earth now. The murder rate of Brazil is about a third that of Venezuela. Just in case: I am not making big judgements on the value of a university degree for becoming a "Minister of Justice". I have heard quite some rumours about Venezuelan El Aissami and what he did when he was studying. He was the only one who studied law among Chávez's ministers in this field. But those are rumours. I hardly know anything about the different ministers in those other countries. Still, I think there is a pattern here. We need to remember this now, when in Venezuela Maduro is again talking about a stronger "civic-military" union.


Renan Calheiros “Politician” 1998
José Carlos Dias Lawyer 1999
José Gregori Lawyer 2000
Aloysio Nunes Ferreira Filho Lawyer 2001
Miguel Reale Júnior Lawyer 2002
Paulo de Tarso Ramos Ribeiro Lawyer 2002
Márcio Thomaz Bastos Lawyer 2003
Tarso Genro Lawyer 2007
Luiz Paulo Barreto Economist 2010
José Eduardo Cardozo Lawyer 2011


Raúl Troncoso Castillo Lawyer 1998
José Miguel Insulza Salinas Lawyer 2000
Francisco Vidal Salinas History 2005
Andrés Zaldívar Larraín Lawyer 2006
Belisario Velasco Baraona None 2006
Edmundo Pérez Yoma Arts,Entrepreneur 2008
Rodrigo Hinzpeter Kirberg Lawyer 2010
Andrés Pío Bernardino Chadwick Piñera Lawyer 2012


Luis Miquilena* "Politician", union leader 1999
Ignacio Araya* International Relations 2000
Luis Alfonso Dávila* Military 2000
Luis Miquilena* "Politician", union leader 2001
Ramón Rodríguez Chacín Military 2002
Diosdado Cabello Military 2002
Lucas Rincón Romero Military 2003
Jesse Chacón Escamillo Military 2004
Pedro Carreño Military 2006
Ramón Rodríguez Chacín Military 2007
Tarek El Aissami Lawyer 2008
Néstor Reverol Military 2012
Miguel Rodríguez Torres Military 2013

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