Friday, 10 January 2014

A bloody coup monger as minister of Interior, Justice and Peace...and other things from the Venezuelan fraud

I just write this to remind foreigners about who the people in power in Venezuela are.

Miguel Eduardo Rodríguez Torres, the current minister of "the Popular Power of Interior, Justice and Peace", was one of the coup mongers who attacked the Presidential House in February 1992. He lead a group of military who killed quite a lot of innocent people there.

He has been involved in the training of the paramilitary Bolivarian circles.

He has been in charge of the security services SEBIN.

And he is one of the many pseudo-revolutionaries who want to minimize the crime situation in Venezuela.

As Rocío San Miguel explains, this guy has now managed to increase his power. He can be considered as influential among the military strongmen as that other coup monger, Diosdado Cabello.

Yesterday Maduro ratified Rodríguez in his position and proceeded to change some ministers, as Chavismo so often does. Below you can see a chart of the new changes.

There is a bad singer who got the ministry of Sports as he was not elected as mayor last December. He replaced a woman who was at that position for just a few months. There is another former coup monger, Wilmer Barrietos, who now became head of the "Despacho para la Presidencia", a sort of Presidential Office - don't mix up with the Presidential Secretary.

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