Monday, 27 January 2014

Bloggers and Venezuelan economics

Go read Daniel's description of some economic woes, what the government could do to get some relief, what it won't do, what it might.

Francisco also has a nicely written piece about how the Boligarchs and lesser Chavistas are grumbling now about the economic situation.

Do you know what frustrates me the most? That the majority of our opposition leaders - even those who are lawyers or economists and at the same time full-time paid deputies - seem incapable of explaining plain economic issues to the vast majority of Venezuelans, most of which have never been abroad. They really need no more than cross-multiplication and knowlege about how to plot some charts - everything you can learn between ages 9 and 13- to do the job.

All you need to know

Meanwhile Chavismo is carrying out a very intensive propaganda campaign to show the average Venezuelan that he/she is much better off than the Spaniard, who has become like the mythical anti-El Dorado figure - conveniently so with the economic mess Spain is in right now and the fact most Venezuelans have never been to Spain and don't have a real feeling about the average Spaniard or even average Colombian, Chilean, Mexican, right now.



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