Thursday, 10 October 2013

From Russia with bigotry and racism

First edition of a very notorious publication

I was looking for some more news about Venezuela and Russia when I stumbled upon this article at a recent Internet magazine called Zvgljad.

There, Vladimir Travkin, a guy who is supposed to be a political scientist gave his view of Venezuela last March, shortly before the caudillo and former coup monger Chávez died.

When asked about the chances Capriles had, Travkin said:

"Capriles will do everything to get a rematch after his defeat in the [previous] presidential elections. But he has special treats that we cannot ignore: firstly, he is a Jew and secondly, he is gay. This might reflect negatively on his electoral chances. I don't think there is such a political correctness in this confrontation there is on one side a Catholic, family man and on the other, the single gay of Jewish roots, representative of the capital."

Finally, I just want to let you see what he said on Chávez:

"Chávez is good for Russia because he trades well with us. Let's pray that his successors trade with Russia as he did. That's what's important for us."

Somehow I have the impression some Russians nowadays have a similar attitude to the one Russians had during Czarist times...with a little bit of Soviet manners on top of that.

Mr Travkin:

If you don't know, Maduro also has Jewish roots, from his father's side. And he is probably much less of a Catholic than Capriles, if that matters to you.

Venezuela has many issues but hatred towards gays and Jews is not as prevalent in Venezuela as in Russia. Capriles is of Jewish roots and he is Catholic. He says he is not gay but if he were: would you hate him? In any case, you can talk about that with Putin, who also seems to be obsessed with the sex preferences of people.

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