Saturday, 3 August 2013

Jesse Chacón (I)

Here you can see one of the most typical oligarchs from the Chávez era: Jesse Chacón. This man was one of the military coup mongers of 1992. His brother Arné Chacón was another military and coup monger. Arné went from being a coup monger to being a banker soon after Chávez got elected as president of Venezuela. He became a billionaire in no time and was so flashy that he turned into an embarrassment. That's why Chávez himself made him go to prison in late 2009. Jesse Chacón had to go low profile for a time, stepped downas minister and started to work as "independent pollster". At the end of 2012, when it became obvious even for the staunchest Chavistas that Chávez was going to die soon, Arné Chacón was freed and no comments were made anywhere. The trial? Thank you.

Jesse Chacón felt he could get a more central role again. So he is once more a minister. This time he is minister of the Popular Power for Electricity (no kidding). About 100 days ago he declared he would step down if he didn't manage to improve the  very serious situation with Venezuela's electricity grid. As expected, he won't resign even if people outside Caracas have to endure daily blackouts - sometimes for several hours.

Here you can see his tour through governmental bodies since 1999.

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