Monday, 13 February 2012

Anti-Semitic attacks against Capriles go into second gear

Capriles is a Catholic. His mother was a Jew and his father came from a Curaçao Jewish family. I think they became Catholic but I don't care a fig, that should be irrelevant. Anyway: the anti-Semitic attacks from the Chávez "revolutionaries" against Capriles have taken a new turn since yesterday. Below you have some tweets.

"May God free us from a Jew as president"
"How ignorant those who want to elect a Jew"
"Capriles, a Jew, persecutor of Chavez supporters and raider of embassies is the one who pretends to become president  of this country? Fuck off"
"Capriles not only ultra-right and fascist, he is also Jew, surprise, surprise, how disgusting this lackey opposition"


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  • Que ignorancia es de quienes creen apoyar a un judío comocapriles"

    Capriles. un judío, perseguidor d chavistas y saqueador de embajadas es quien  gobernar éste país. No me jodan

    Capriles aparte de ultra derechista y fascista es judío para variar q asco esta oposición lacaya


    1. Kepler,

      I knew this would happen, and I expect the attacks to get worse, and there will be many who fall into hatreds, but I doubt the majority of Venezuelan people will join in because most are pretty tolerant of races, and religions....but one never know I am referring now to the psychological power of groups and their need to scapegoat.

      As you might remember my husband is Jewish, and just like Capriles, from the Sephardic Jews of Curacao.They are all distantly related, so nowadays, they have to marry outside their faith or National origins in order not to get sick.Many who immigrated to Venezuela in the last 100 years took on Catholicism in order to blend in and do better.The names are many, the Sotos the Maduros, the Curiels, the Del Valles....and many more.Before we left Venezuela, the now closed down Conservative group( OR Shalom),counseled us to leave Venezuela if possible.They knew that the cult of Chavismo was anti Semitic.But you know how it is, many people cannot leave even if they want to.

      I don't know how bad this will get.....maybe it is just one more excuse out of many to discredit Capriles.....but it could get even more sinister....I am wary and sick of and tired of this whole mess.

    2. I agree with you, Firepigette.

    3. As you said, some of the Jews from Curaçao went to Coro. Some went further to Valencia and Caracas as they saw the situation was better then. In any case those attacks are despicable and need to be denounced.

      In the end, I honestly think Chavistas will promote violence towards everybody who opposes them; they won't go as a group towards attacks on ethnicities now, it would backfire. Venezuelans are just way too mixed and the world wouldn't stand to that.

    4. "they won't go as a group towards attacks on ethnicities now, it would backfire."

      More than likely they won't...I can agree with that.

      But Kepler, one of the tactics Chavez seems to use is to create an atmosphere of uncertainty which induces a kind of low level fear. I mean he doesn't have to do that much in reality to induce in people the feeling of uncertainty because he keeps people wondering if and when something worse will start.It's the uncertainty that plays on the mind.


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