Friday, 16 December 2011

More education for Venezuela

Here you can see the mean results for performance in reading according to the PISA test. Even it is well under the OECD average, the state of Miranda shows a better performace than Colombia and Brazil and Argentina, countries that have been taking part in this programme for some time. 

I am sure Miranda has one of the highest levels within Venezuela. Kudos to the education team of the Miranda government. It could probably do better if the Chávez government were not sabotaging as it does.


  1. Do you know which schools took the test?

  2. Liz, I don't recall; there were about 1000 pupils tested, I think, which were a representative sample of the +-22000 15-year old pupils in Miranda state schools. They came from urban centres and the countryside, poor and better-off areas.

    You can see more information
    I will try to find more details. There is a lot of information everybody is processing right now, but it will all be very useful.
    Please, spread the message.


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