Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cancer in South America (updated)

Chávez announced in the middle of this year that he had cancer (sort of announced it). The former head of state of Brazil, Lula, announced in October that he had throat cancer. The president of Paraguay went to hospital the same month because he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Now we hear the president of Argentina has thyroid cancer.

What is it? Coincidence?

Now I get the news, with delay, that Chávez hinted the United States of America is behind it all

Now we know what we are going to hear in the next 10 months.


  1. Its weird alright! Here in the US we had what was called the Quarter Back curse. For a while in the 90's most major football quarter back had a major illness with their child.

    I don't wish bad on anyone....but if one cannot see that life's karmic circle in unforgiving then shame on you.

  2. I haven't got an idea. Perhaps it's lifestyle, what they eat, too grilled beef, no veggies, whatever. It's curious, though.

  3. Maybe it is contagious.
    Esp. spread by kissing?
    (I have to remember to
    just shake your hands and hug-ha)

  4. I'm waiting for some serious hypothesis.

  5. is one for you! Hold on to your seat!

  6. I knew it, I knew it! I just read about this from you but I wrote early today to a couple of friends telling them I don't think Evo will get cancer because he will surely use some magic native American anti-baldness and anti-cancer plant to protect himself.

  7. I checkout the age of diagnosis and smoker status of each president. It is not's my post:

  8. Bruni,
    I was thinking about the same lines for a time; I also thought one should look at the joint probability distribution to reject the hypothesis altogether or not.
    But then one would need to look at all those cancer statistics per age for those countries and for the countries on the (geographic) left and I don't want to.

    I am more interesting now in finding out whether Chávez will go on talking about that until election day.

    I have said it before: the government was announcing major assassination attempts against Chávez at least 3 times a year since 1999. When people started to make more jokes at the end of 2010 it went silent...and then suddenly Chávez got cancer and we had 3/4 of a year the cancer drama and now we go back to the assassination attempts, but with a different dimension.

    You thought of realismo mágico and I remembered García Marquez's speech in Sweden.

    Just yesterday Chávez was talking about how our GDP per capita had increased in spite of Venezuela having almost seven million more inhabitants since he came to power.

    Try to teach him some statistics. You'll need to have a patience without limits :-)

  9. I decided to play a game with the Headlines from Noticias 24 here it is.

    1.Chávez: "¿Sería extraño que hubieran desarrollado una tecnología para inducir el cáncer y no se sepa?"

    Translation: US is behind all the cancer cases for Lat American presidents.

    2. Ramírez anuncia el cumplimiento del 82% de la meta de entrega de viviendas para 2011.

    Translation: Even with unlimited funds, resources and expropriations of half built housing complexes all over venezuela....the government is still only running at 80% efficiency.

    3."La economía venezolana no está acabada, eso está demostrado científicamente", aseguró Chávez

    Translation: Although the entire economic community knows the truth of the actual state of our of my 86 ministers has told me we are ok.

    4. Chávez: "Es imposible que la oposición logre llegar a Miraflores por la vía electoral"

    Translation: No way I will accept the results of an want it, you will have to take it by force.

    5.Chávez: "El sistema electoral venezolano es el mejor del mundo. Aquí es imposible hacer fraude"

    Translation: We are going to commit fraud and there is no way you can prove it!

    6. Chávez entregó casas y vehículos a oficiales de la Fanb. "Tienen precios y créditos socialistas"

    Translation: I just handed over cars and houses for free to the military to keep them on my side!


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