Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Venezuelans and Europeans looking at Europe and Venezuela

If you are a European living in Venezuela or a Venezuelan living in Europe, I want to ask you a favour: please, send me - desarrollo.sostenible.venezuela at gmail dot com - a "weird/curious" picture of Venezuela -if you were born in Europe- or Europe -if you were born in Venezuela-.The picture should be something "weird" or surprising, something that has caught your attention, whether it is cool or bad or sad or funny, a new landscape, a new view to a street or a human situation that is different to what you knew. It is about the differences you discovered...or the surprising similarities. I will add the details you want me to put.

Venezuelans are a very mixed bunch, with native American, sub-Saharan, North American and Asian influences apart from the European ones, but from time to time I give a Venezuela-Europe focus to this blog. It is called Venezuela-Europa, after all. There are many Venezuelans who have European parents and are going back, there are many Europeans who have fallen in love with Venezuela and some are still there (and I hope they will have again more reasons to remain there soon). Let's see the other perspective.

The pie chart shows the European countries where the Venezuelan readers of this blog who have answered to the running poll are located. The distribution does not correspond to the real distribution of Venezuelans in Europe. Most Venezuelans in Europe live in Spain (and read in Spanish) and there are quite some in France as well (and they read mostly in Spanish or French). Still, you can see some clusters starting to appear. I am sorry for the Venezuelan who is living in a small Eastern European country I forgot to add! (if you want, you can write to me telling me which one it was). I put that one in "some Eastern European country" but only "some" appeared. I will correct that later on.

Vielen Dank für Eure Beiträge! ¡Muchas gracias por sus contribuciones! Thanks for your contributions! Let's see what pictures come first.

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