Thursday, 20 May 2010

Norwegian looking at Venezuela

Some days ago I asked readers to start sending pictures with something "interesting" they found on the other side of the ocean.

Here I present the first picture. Norwegian reader Stig sends it. He took the picture on the access from a parking lot to a shopping centre in Venezuela. I am sure this view is particularly strange for a Scandinavian. I have to say this kind of thing was no normal at all 15 years ago. When I was a child in Venezuela I would have imagined a poster like that in the Wild West, not in my country. Now it is something absolutely normal.

If you are a Venezuelan with an interesting picture from Europe (anything other than the usual Eiffel Tower picture) or a European with an interesting picture of Venezuela (anything other than the usual Caribbean beach), send it here with some comment!


  1. Actually the Wild West was very peaceful, the average wild west town had 1 murder every year. The most violent year ever recorded in a wild west town was 5!

    The myth of the super violent wild west brought us some quite fun movies, but it's a myth nonetheless

  2. I learnt about that later on (although I am not so sure if Texans just want to make a case for their weapons: "back then it was safer" :-), but the analogy was just that: I would have thought, as a child, those posters would be use in some film-like land, not in Venezuela.

    Now, as a grownup I see with great sadness Venezuela is the most lethal nation in South America - by far over Colombia.


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