Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The capital of France is Paris. Thus: you are a traitor

Chávez at the end of his bloody coup of 1992, 3 years after the "cause" of his coup

Do you know how Chavista logic works? And Chávez is still in power?

70% of Venezuelans can only watch Chávez TV. Probably less than 0.5% of them read newspapers that are critical of Chávez. Most of them have less than 9 years of formal schooling and that in schools that are understaffed with teachers that are very badly paid and poorly qualified themselves. Textbooks in Venezuela are much more expensive than in Europe or the USA and the schools do not provide them, parents have to buy them from their own pocket. Obviously, most can't afford all the books, Venezuelans' salaries are very low.

In that context and if you speak Spanish, you can watch this video of state VTV. There, opposition representative Julio Borges is interviewed. Of course, the state TV only shows what they want to show. People opposing Chávez cannot speak freely on VTV. In this video the Chavez journalist asked Borges if he took part in the 1992 coup. He said he didn't and he said they should prove it. Then they showed several times him with other opposition leaders on a video from 2002 asking for Chávez to step down. I suppose half the European politicians would be considered as coup mongers by Chávez by this logic. Paradoxically, the lieutenant from Sabaneta was a violent coup monger in 1992 and was responsible for the murder of many people and used as excuse the Caracazo of 1989 (three years earlier).

There is no way we can improve things unless we start to force real live debates between Chávez, his high ministers and opposition leaders. Chavismo will do anything it can to prevent it.

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