Monday, 8 March 2010

Europeans, North Americans, cocaine and Latin America

Please, read a good article written by RoryCarroll about drugs, US-Europe and Latin America. It seems some Northerners are getting it!

I have mentioned it in some posts: those consuming cocaine in the North are right now responsible to a big extent for financing the very murderous drug bands in Latin America. Northern countries (or rich ones, as Australia is in this group as well) can accuse Latin American countries of not doing enough to curb the production and export of cocaine, but they are doing much less in curbing their consumption. The current international legislation on drugs, largely supported by the rich countries, is only good for drug dealers. One wonders if organisations insisting on keeping that legislation as it is (in Europe, in the US and at general level at the UNODC) are infiltrated. There is such a thing as the law of supply and demand, guys!

Many thousands of people in Latin America are paying with their lives every month caught in the middle of the cocaine wars financed with dollars and that ultimately comes from drug users.

Belgian Tom Boonen tested positive for cocaine 3 times

French Richard Gasquet took also cocaine "parce que c'est cool".

US Michael Irvin also took cocaine

and so are doing many millions of hijos de papá y mamá in the rich countries.

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