Friday, 11 September 2009

What does the Spanish government do if it needs money?

Well, it welcomes Hugo of Venezuela in Spain and it pretends it hasn't heard about what Hugo's regime is doing in Venezuela. It pretends it hasn't heard about a dysfunctional but still democratic presidential system becoming another dictatorship.

Shame on Spain. Venezuela harbored hundreds of thousands of Spaniards running away from Franco's dictatorship and poverty. It did not welcome Franco. Now Rodríguez Zapatero and the king of Spain are eager to let themselves be photographed with Hugo I.

What kind of business deals are Spanish businessmen securing with this action? Oil alone? Or again, the phone companies? What is it now?

Do they know little Andorra next-door just froze the bank accounts of multimillionaire "socialists" from the Hugo's revolution?

UPDATE: well, the answer just appeared in El País: Spanish Repsol discovered huge gas reserves in Venezuelan Zulia. So: how could the Spanish king and the Spanish prime minister have some scruples about Hugo? Business is business.

Who cares for socialism, human rights or social justice when there is so much money to be earned in Venezuela with Hugo's regime?

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  1. Spain, and Repsol, will soon find that Hugo is a terrible "partner". Ask any of the "partners" PDVSA has had in the past. Hugo kept boosting the tax rate and eventually forced most of the partners to leave the country, and try to sue PDVSA in foreign courts. It may take a few years, but eventually the end is always the same. Hugo's contracts are based on "heads I win, tails, you loose".


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