Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hugo living la vida loca

Our caudillo went for some days to Libya. The reason? He was invited to take part in the festivities for the 40 years of Qaddafi's dictatorship.

According to German Der Spiegel, the party is going to be a real treat. The Libyan dictator is spending quite some money in celebrating himself. The initial budget was going to be 58 million dollars but it seems it will be much more. You can see some pictures of the preparation here.
Here you can see an Al Jazeera video of the preparations. The Telegraph says Qaddafi wants to overshadow the Olympic Games. How could Hugo and his whole court of pseudo-socialists resist going there? I suppose our president finds that being in Libya now is more fun than helping our compatriots at home:

According to Spiegel, Qaddafi is getting over a hundred French chefs. I am sure Hugo, his family and many dozens of our dear revolutionary heroes will come back to Venezuela with a pound or two more.

I imagine what the red bourgeoisie will say: you are just envious.

Ps. Here you can read what Amnesty International had to say about Libya in 2008.

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