Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Eurokinder again

I read this article from Neues Deutschland. There you can read:
The parties of the oposition opposed the initiative because they lack as always political support, Chacón says. "They have not been able to build a leadership in order to oppose Chávez (in the comming elections in 2012, editor), the minister said".
Hm...I wonder if any of their usual readers gives a thought to that: the opposition has not been able to build a leadership to oppose Chávez for the 2012 elections. They also said "there are no limits for reelection of political positions in countries of the EU like Germany and Spain".

Well, there are some differences between Germany, Spain and Venezuela. Just a few:

- Venezuela has a strong presidential system. Germany and Spain have parlamentarian systems
- In Venezuela most posts now have to be approved by the central government
- In Venezuela the regions have much less powers than in Germany or Spain and the government illegally reduces the flow of money to the regions where the opposition rules

There are lots of differences in the very strong presidential system Venezuela has and the parlamentarian ones of Europe. But then I have to go to sleep.

Well, I can sleep soundly. Neues Deutschland has a circulation of less than 50000 exemplars, which is very low in Germany. It is one of those relicts of Eastern Germany. Most people in Europe at this stage have another opinion of what Chavismo is.

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