Sunday, 12 October 2008

FOX: US Venezolana de Televisión? Rumblings on US-Venezuela

No, it is not that bad, but it is pretty bad.
Look at this:
FOX just selecting the non-critical part

The Youtuber here is right: FOX, as usual, is just showing what fits their wee world.

I found The Economist's edition of 4th October 2008 one of the best reviews I have seen about the US campaign so far. It would be nice if both Republicans and Democrats could sit down and read aloud from those articles.

Whatever I say will be seen as a reason for Conservatives to vote for the candidate they wanted to vote already, but I will say it for the Europeans and Venezuelans out there: I believe, now more than ever, as other Venezuelan opposition bloggers, that Obama will respond on a more firm way than McCain. I am sure Chávez would be be happy to get a McCain and specially a Palin as his counterparts in the US. Obama will help the US get back more of the admiration and respect it used to have. McCain and Palin would divide more and keep the US in this "crusade attitude" towards the world.

Do you know what the extreme Conservatives are using against Obama? This
apart from other accusations he is a "Muslim, a friend of terrorists" and the like. As The Economist stated, the Republicans are now so sure they cannot win on serious topics, they have to use mud-throwing. Obama has stated there and later in a very clear way what his position is. He has later being much more specific about Chávez's regime and condemn it in a much more clear way than McCain. But beyond that, he has shown more respect and insight when treating the rest of the world and that is an asset for the US as well.

There are still things I do not like of Obama's proposals, but in general I would say: he is better for the US and he would be better for promoting democracy in Latin America.


  1. Perhaps you might consider the fact that either candidate might be doing simply the expedient thing in the moment in order to achieve votes.As long as we live in a society where image is more important than substance we will have this problem.

    However it should not be so important to be liked.

    How often does being liked in order to win over the image battle contribute to the slippery slope of declining morality and entrapment?

    Obama is quite popular in USA, just as Chavez once was....for years citizens of usa and EU thought that Chavez was the answer...see how wrong popular opinion was?

    Did it make a difference what usa and eu thought?What difference was that?

  2. Anonymous,

    I know many in Europe fell in love with Chavez for a long time, like they did with Mugabe in Africa. May it be the same with Obama? Perhaps, but I do not think so. Chavez was from the beginning a coupster, a bloody coupster at that. He also declared himself an admirer of such a figure as dictator Pérez Jiménez. As for Obama, I haven't found so convincing the links the extreme right has presented to extremist groups (and if there are, we can also establish links between McCain and similar extremist groups).

    I am not an Obama fan and I know Venezuelans will be the ones who have to clean up the mess Venezuela is in.

    Still, I believe two things: Chavez will have more trouble dealing with Obama than with McCain as Obama will probably - as far as I can see - get a broader support also abroad.
    Isolating Chavez in Latin America can help weaken Chavez.

    Now, Venezuela, even if it was a democracy since 1958, never had strong legal institutions. The United States does have them. They may be very faulty, but they work. The United States cannot evolve so easily into a regime as Venezuela has, even if Obama turned out to be a Chávez (which I definitely doubt, I recognised what kind of menace Chávez was from the very moment I knew of his coup).


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