Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Chávez and the Gollum

The people from the Patria para Todos and the Venezuelan Communist Party were accused by Chávez to be anti-revolutionaries, he told them they would disappear from the map if they did not submit 100% to him (I wrote something in German in my previous post). This is not the first time he criticizes his former friends.

At the start I thought this was some kind of pathological battered-masochist-wife-sadistic-husband relationship (Albornoz/Figuera vis-a-vis Chavez: "please, hit me, hit me", "no, I won't hit you" "ooh"), but then I realised: these blokes are just begging for their crumbles, for their bolívares fuertes, while Chávez just needs people who adore him and submit to him 100% and he was using his Sunday programme to define that relationship. The discussion has been going on for a year now: he was asking all the parties that were in his alliance to join the PSUV. Only those two parties were still "together but not as one".

I think his mental health was very bad from early on. It is not just "a gossip" he cut off the head of a dead donkey and placed it in front of the door of a girl who had rejected him back in Barinas when he was a young man.

But his desire for recognition is growing by the day. Like Séagol when he found the ring, Chávez is mutating from a minor autocrat who at times could say "he was not indispensable" (as he said in 1998) into a complete egomaniac Gollum.

We can see that clearly in his language. The use of "Chavez" to refer to himself, or some other times "we" for the same reason is much more present now than a few years earlier. Chávez's statements that the so-called "revolution" is him come more often than ever. In the case of Hugo Chávez, "my precious" is the presidency.

More on this later...


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