Saturday, 16 February 2008

Venezuela and Europe: general reference

European Union and Venezuela

The European Union's general reference about the Venezuelan-European relations can be seen here.

European Venezuelans

Venezuela is well known as an ethnically very mixed country. Unless other countries, specially in the Old World, the mix is present at almost every family, within most Venezuelans. Most of us, including this blogger, are descendants of African slaves, Native Americans and Europeans. There are many who also have other roots: China, Syria, Lebanon and so on.

Venezuela's population is around 27 million people.
How many Venezuelans living in Venezuela have an European passport?

The following table shows some figures of people who have European citizenship
and live in Venezuela. The total amount should be much higher (there are more European-Venezuelans living in Europe)


Italians1000000 ref. 0
Spaniards150000 ref.2 (many more live now in Spain) voters. There are many more according to the new legislation, as the grandchildren of Spaniards will be able to acquire the Spanish nationality
Portuguese400000 ref.1
Germansover 8000 with German pass, some 10000 more "Auslandsdeutsch" ref. 3
Poles4000 ref.4
Swiss2000 ref.5
French6000 ref. 6
Greeksover 1150 ref. 7
over 1000 (according to email from Dutch embassy)
over 700 (according to Belgian embassy)

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