Thursday, 7 February 2008

Personality cult: how long?

This is a continuation of Spot the Venezuelan Poster.

I took this picture at a post office in Venezuela a year ago.
The first poster reads "Letters that make history". You can see a letter Chávez wrote during his time he sat in prison for his 1992 bloody coup. The second poster shows a drawing of Simón Bolívar, South America's revered hero, with the same title, "Letters that made history" and a letter Bolívar wrote when he had to fly to Jamaica during the independence wars.

As Eddie Izzard would say: "Don't you see the link? Newton was British, I am British."

I do not hold much of most politicians ANYWHERE. Still, what would Europeans say if they saw Angela Merkel or Zapatero in their ceremonies for inaugurating their new government in front of a huge picture of themselves and some quotes by themselves like here?

I wonder if the Chávez government could not use some of the money it uses for posters such as the one below to promote the use of birth control methods or to warn about drug use?

Well, some from the extreme left will tell me I am taking it personal with Chávez.

For your information: the bloke next to Chávez in that OFFICIAL VENEZUELAN POSTER is
Assad. Below you can see a wee picture of Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah. I took the picture at the shop of an Arab in Venezuela. It might be hanging on a private shop's wall. Still: the big poster is official stuff published and payed by the Venezuelan government.

All around Venezuela you will see thousands of billboards like this:

Question to the supporters of Chávez in the North: why do we need such a pathetic personality cult?

And mind: some opposition leaders have taken over the personality promotion thing through big billboards payed by Venezuelans. That is the case of Rosales, even if at a much lesser scale than Chávez. This should be forbidden by law.

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  1. "As Eddie Izzard would say: "Don't you see the link? Newton was British, I am British."

    HAHAHA I love Eddie Izzard. He is not that famous here in the states though.

    Yeah, just like him, but w/o the funny part.


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