Friday, 30 November 2007

Do you know what Venezuelans will be voting for this Sunday?

So, what is it about Venezuela's reform?

Well, they will be voting for 64 proposals introduced by Hugo Chávez and a National Assembly where there is no opposition. The proposals were finalized on the 3rd of November of this year and people will have to vote about them on the 2nd of December. Chávez declared these proposals are needed less the "revolution" collapses. The proposals would change a lot of the constitution he himself had introduced in 1999, a constitution he declared at that time to be "the most perfect constitution in the world."

Below you can see the board people will have in front of them on Sunday. Do you think most people, specially those with very basic education, know really what this is all about? Which number is what? Do they know much about 18? About article 300? 301?

Basically, one of the blocks is made up of Chávez's proposals and the other block of those proposals the Chavez National Assembly decided to add.

Did you know the Chavez regime REFUSED to have an open debate on the reform with the opposition, saying their "popular debates" were good enough (Spanish link)?

Just for the record: those "popular debates" did not have any record of who talked and opposition representatives were excluded or expelled and sometimes beaten up.

If you doubt that is the card voters will have in front of them, take a look at the original,

People in developed nations take a long time to discuss one or two reforms to a constitution. Here a semi-literate population will have to decide after having 30 days from the day they got the definite text of the proposal and less since the set of proposals were divided into two blocks . Further: the first draft had been made public only a couple of months earlier and had been changed many times after that.

Basically, Chavez has said that whoever votes against the reform even if it is someone who likes him in general, is voting against him and is a traitor. Thus: either you are with ME or you are with the terrorists.

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