Sunday, 9 April 2017

Venezuela, infinitesimal calculus and dictatorship

I have come to believe one of the strategies used by the Chavista regime is to let people get used to Venezuela sinking in chaos.
Both Venezuelan opposition people and journalists have been saying Venezuela is becoming a dictatorship since probably 1999.
And the fact it is doing so in slow motion does not make it more real.

Let's see.

Venezuelan in US newspaper

and The Economist in 2016 talks about getting closer to military rule (although, actually, Venezuela had a primarily military-lead government since 1999.

The regime wants the world to get used to it by taking a bit more of freedom now, pretending to give back some of it the next day, collaborating with foreign charlatans who demand dialogue from the opposition even time after time and freeing some token opposition member while jailing two more.

Those who want freedom for Venezuela need to think how to break this trend. How to prevent people from accepting further abuses by the criminal forces of chavismo.

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