Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Crimes, Chavismo and predictability

Sometimes the Chavista regime can be more predictable than other times. For instance, when the United States of America announces one of the Chavista honchos will be prosecuted for serious crimes, the Venezuelan regime feels the need to promote the accused.

That is what happened in January 2012: USA announced Henry Rangel Silva, among other Chavista military strongmen, was involved in drug trafficking. Lo and behold: Chávez named him minister of Defence.

Another military, Gustavo González, was among those the States decided to sanction for their responsibility in human rights violantions during the 2014 protests. Maduro made him minister of Interior.

Now the USA, after a long investigation, declared Néstor Reverol was a drug dealer and Maduro announced Reverol will be the next minister of Interior. There is a certain modus operandi.

And while Maduro is giving awards to criminals, you can read a very good but extremely sad article Alexandra Ulmer wrote about how women in Venezuela now seek sterilization in order to avoid child-rearing. 

Only the First Lady's cousins won't be able to become ministers in a US prison

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