Friday, 17 June 2016

More dictatorship for Venezuela

The head of the Venezuela Air force just declared the military personnel who signed the petition for the recall referendum should "verify their signature" on a voluntary basis - code for remove their signatures from the petition - . He added: "It is important to know with whom we count and on whom we should keep an eye...independence and socialist fatherland".

Former Spanish president Zapatero is now flirting with Iglesias, the Podemos leader financed by the Chavista regime. That is why Iglesias is praising Zapatero now and why the Venezuelan regime is using him for a show at OAS.

If you have any doubt about where the military top is right now in Venezuela, take a look at the tweets of the minister of Defence, Vladimir Padrino (yes, his father was a commie, not a Russian). Those tweets are a mix of Chauvinistic trash, Bolivarian-Chavista religion and threats against the others.

Venezuelans have been let down by virtually most countries.

Venezuelans can only count on themselves to end Chavismo.


  1. "Venezuelans can only count on themselves to end Chavismo"

    And without a 2nd Amendment like we have in the US, you don't have a chance.

    1. Could you please explain what that amendment has something to do with this and when it has been used in a similar way in the world?
      Have you heard about how democracy came back to Chile or Romania?


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