Friday, 29 January 2016

The Zika virus in a failed state called Venezuela

I am just getting news from friend doctors about people who have caught the Zica virus in Venezuela.
Actually: one of my closest relatives got it already. I am deeply worried: the country is falling apart, it is ruled by a bunch of criminals and ideological wackos and medicine is in very scarce supply. Most people just feel sick, get rotten eyes, some fever and that is it. But then there is the microcephalia: apparently women in pregnancy who get that virus have a higher probability of having a baby suffering from this.

How the Zica virus was spreading in early January (Wikipedia)

Here Reuter's journalist Alexandra Ulmer presents a very clear picture of what is happening. For months physicians have been putting pressure on the regime to publish statistics about the spread of this virus. Finally Health minister Luisana Melo admitted 4700 potential cases of persons with the infection. Those of us who know Venezuela under Chavismo have learnt to interpret this as a fraction of a fraction of what might be true. 

Venezuelans lack repellents, paracetamol and many other basic products. My relatives and friends tell me about how hard it is even to buy garlic, milk, chicken and so much more.

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