Sunday, 14 December 2014

Don't mess up with my Bolibourgeois! - and other crazy things from Venezuela

Bed bug, just like your favourite Chavista honcho

The Maduro government is organising a march for Monday 15 December in order to protest against the "economic sanctions from the USA against Venezuela". This means the government will get thousands of public employees to walk through the Caracas streets less they lose their jobs. To make the event more palatable, they say it is also "to celebrate the 15 years of the new constitution".

In reality there are no economic sanctions against Venezuela. The measures approved by the US Congress are aimed at very specific individuals within the top echelons of the current Venezuelan government - for their involvement in the violation of human rights. Whatever one's opinion might be about the double-standards of such measures, one has to admit they do not affect the lives of ordinary Venezuelans. And yet: Maduro wants to make Venezuelans believe that the hardships they are going through have something to do with the fact Diosdado Cabello, Elías Jaua and other honchos cannot use property in US territory or travel to the USA or the like. 

Venezuela's GDP is likely to shrink more tha 4% in 2014. Merentes, president of the Central Bank of Venezuela, had said last March the GDP would grow 4% this year.

Today Maduro also declared he doesn't break relations with the US because of "Chavista wisdom"...talking about oximorons. In reality he doesn't do it because his regime is so incredibly dependent on the US dollars for the dwindling oil exports Venezuela has.

This is curious: Maduro spent a lot of time today telling us how irreplaceable he is. He also announced the creation of a "general staff of economic war". It couldn't get more preposterous...or perhaps it can. After all, it's Venezuela.

To be continued...

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