Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Who is marrying whom in Venezuela?

Most Venezuelans in Venezuela marry other Venezuelans, by far. That's the norm everywhere. I would guess those Venezuelans who marry non-Venezuelans do so by far when they are abroad. Among other things, it's always a mess to try to get documents from Venezuela with all the required stamps to be valid abroad. Also: Venezuela has become an emigration land for over a decade. 

It is still interesting to see the gender ratio for bi-national marriages in Venezuela. Not surprisingly, more Italian men marry Venezuelan women than Venezuelan men marry Italian women. It is more likely now for a Venezuelan woman to marry a foreign man than for a foreign woman to marry a Venezuelan man. That's not random. That's how society has always worked. The most balanced ratio you will see here is Colombia. Curiously, we see Cuba popping up now. Twenty years back, Cubans wouldn't have make it to the top 10 nationalities in Venezuela.

The numbers are totals of marriages in Venezuela.

Gender/Country Italy Spain USA Portugal Colombia Cuba
Venezuelan man 13 35 40 24 1053 244
Venezuelan woman 95 109 80 50 1079 449
Ratio 0,137 0,321 0,5 0,48 0,977 0,543

Source: INE

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