Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Maduro caravan across the world

"But we have Fatherland"

Notitarde tells us fascinating details about the Maduro trip from China to Venezuela and why Maduro really didn't show up in New York for the United Nations summit.

Maduro initially said he couldn't make it to the UN "due to an intensive agenda. He later his people had problems with visas. He also explained his life would have been in danger.

The US authorities asked for proof of the danger and explained they had given visas for over 200 people. 

Maduro, the president of a poor South American nation, was travelling with an entourage of over 120 persons to China, with intentions to visit New York. We can assume some of the visas were for the preparatory team that came directly from Venezuela to New York.

Maduro landed in Canada on his trip from China and had to wait over 5 hours in the airport because Canada didn't want to give them fuel as the  plane was Cuban. The costly presidential plane is not working any longer, so Maduro is using a Cuban one. PDVSA, the state oil company, sent two planes (2) to pick up Maduro and his team and take them to New York but Maduro had a tantrum and they returned to Venezuela instead.

Among the Maduro team there were

  •  12 Cuban security agents and physicians
  • 1 expert in explosives
  • 1 expert in food security
  • 1 epidemiologist
  • Maduro's son and bodyguards with Maduro's grandchildren
  • Maduro's wife, two of her female friends and the hairdresser
  • a lot of people from the "Health Security"
The list had to be sent to United Nations and the US State Department.

United Nations had asked the Venezuelan group to limit the presidential caravan to 4 vehicles but the Venezuelans had already sent a preparatory security group with 8 vehicles and twice as many people as expected. The Maduro tour had hired two floors in the most expensive hostels in Beijing and New York for a total of over $800000. The total trip had a cost of 2.5 million dollars.

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