Sunday, 29 September 2013

Darth Cabello in Russia

Boligarch supremo and head of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello is flying to Russia on Monday.

According to Chávez's putative child Nicolás Maduro, Cabello is delivering Putin a letter of "congratulation from the Chavista soul" (sic). Don't ask me to interpret that, I haven't smoked today.

But apart from that, the former coup monger Cabello will meet Russian officials and try to talk about further military and intelligence cooperation.

Readers should remember Venezuela owns Russians over 4.4 billion dollars thanks to Chávez's last wish list of arms. Russians gave Chávez a loan that will allow us - or rather the Venezuelan military - to import some extra weapons in the coming years. Since 2004 Venezuela has spent some 11 billion dollars in Russian defence hardware. If you think Russians cared for Assad, consider this: Chavista Venezuela is a much  better client.

Chavistas need to tinker further with the election system. They need better SIGINT support to spy on the opposition. Will and can they get any help from Putin's boys?

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