Monday, 8 October 2012

Venezuela now

Chavismo won. It used all kinds of tricks but in the end, it would have won even without them. The tricks just optimized results. I had been making very cautious comments at Miguel's blog about the elections, but in the end, yesterday for some minutes I thought we may have a chance. I had expressed my doubts about an oppo victory many times, even if cautiously, even if a part of me wanted the miracle.

As I said before: it now depends on how cool we react and how Venezuela's Alpha and Omega, oil prices, evolve.

More on that soon.


  1. Kepler, I had always wondered what would become of you and everyone else on the Venezuelan- English blogosphere should Chavez win again.
    Also, I wrote about O7 from my perspective, part of it being a letter of sorts to my friends in Venezuela.

  2. Stephanie, life goes on.
    I think that most social democrats in Europe - and they are to the left of the median Democrat in the USA are as appalled as you are about the state of Venezuela.
    I thought the most likely result would be the military's victory, even if I didn't see the difference so high. Now several thousand professionals will emigrate. Still I think that if the opposition does what it has to do, it will win sooner than later and I mean earlier than 2019.


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