Saturday, 6 October 2012

Venezuela - it's election time!

It's election day in Europe already.

I will go to vote now. If you have interesting pictures or stories to tell about election day, about the place you are voting, send them to desarrollo.sostenible.venezuela at

I will be tweeting at @venezuelaeuropa

Good luck, Venezuela

Some news:

The Venezuelan military closed again the borders with other countries "to prevent violence", apparently...and it did it earlier than it had announced it would do. Why do we need to close borders during election time in a democracy?


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  2. First of all, I like your blog, Kepler! Yes, I am biased: I really hope, Capriles will win the election.

    People, who grew up in Western countries that did not experience a socialist/communist dictatorship in the past, will neither understand why Chávez's utopia is never going to work nor will they ever admit to the fact that the harm and devastation this socialist regime has brought about in Venezuela is outrageous.

    It is easy to love an ideal from a distance without having to live and deal with its material consequences.

    I wish people would read more history to learn from past mistakes.

    Sad truth is, it seems highly probable that there will be civil riots and maybe even a civil war if Capriles wins. That is because some people would rather see their country burn than to give up their own power.

    Nevertheless, I still hope, Capriles wins today!

    Thank you for your great job on this blog, Kepler!


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