Friday, 2 March 2012

More Anti-Semitism from Chávez's 'revolutionaries'

Go to twitter and type in "sionismo" plus some key word related to Chávez's 
followers and you will get some anti-Semitic gibberish because of Capriles' candidacy.
For instance:

 Saludos hermano, a trabajar para derrotar el sionismo disfrazado de oposición.

"Regards, brother, let's work to win over the Zionism dressed up as opposition"

Samán is a former minister who had some trouble with other Chávez honchos and was forced to go low profile, but who is still as loyal to the caudillo as it gets.

Samán calls himself a "radical" communist, even if he doesn't have anything against Chávez selling PDVSA shares to the know, China is "communist", so those are communist shares...what a banana republic we have!

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