Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lethal patterns

Once more, here you have the pattern of murder in the central state of Carabobo. Carabobo is a densely populated state, but crime rates are similar in many other regions.

One thing to remark: total numbers for the state seems to be stabilizing - albeit at a very high level, several times what they were in 1998-. The pattern is not the same everywhere, though. The municipality of Juan José Mora, for instance, a poor area on the coast where the huge oil refinery complex of El Palito is located, has kept shedding more blood. The lower middle-class municipality of San Diego, though, - where the opposition leader Enzo Scarano is major, is very safe.

Juan José Mora municipality murder numbers

San Diego municipality murder numbers

Ps. there is missing data at municipality level for April 2011.

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